Q8: Victim 2117

For more than ten years, Assad has been a mysterious force of nature in Department Q, but a series of terrifying events bring him close to a complete meltdown. Only the tormented Rose can help him solve the dark demons of his past that are brought back to life with the Spanish journalist Juan Aiguarder’s coverage of one refugee’s tragic death. With Assad in the centre, a nerve-racking countdown to the ultimate catastrophe in the heart of Europe begins, an attack directed by the Iraqi criminal Ghaalib.

At the same time, Department Q is shaken by the death of an important colleague and by their desperate attempt to prevent the murderous actions of an insane boy. In the struggle to save human lives and solve Assad’s traumatic dilemma, Carl Mørck and the rest of Department are thrown into the centre of the events, where nobody is spared from taking drastic decisions and act with only the available means.

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