Q3: A Conspiracy of Faith / Redemption

The New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Jussi Adler-Olsen returns with another shocking cold case in his exhilirating Department Q series.

Detective Carl Mørck holds in his hands a bottle that contains an old and decayed message, written in blood. It is a cry for help from two young brothers, tied and bound in a boathouse by the sea. Could it be real? Who are these boys, and why aren’t they reported missing? Could they possibly still be alive?

Carl’s investigation will force him to cross paths with a woman stuck in a desperate marriage – her husband refuses to tell herwhere he goes, what he does, how long he will be away. For days on end she waits, and when he returns she must endure his wants, his moods, his threats. But enough is enough. She will find out the truth, no matter the cost to her husband – or to herself.

Carl and his colleagues Assad and Rose must use all of their resources to uncover the horrifying truth in this heart-pounding Nordic thriller from the #1 international bestselling author Jussi Adler-Olsen.


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***** – Ekstra Bladet
“Oh, how Jussi puts good stories together… A lot of tension and razor-sharp characters with an edge.”

***** – Nordjyske Stiftstidende
“Adler-Olsen absolutely belongs in the highest top of our Danish crime-novelists. Well written, originally thought up and well researched suspense. Equal parts cheerful and horrifying shiver and in that way a particularly comfortable horror read.”

***** – Fyens Stiftstidende
“It was joyfully impossible to put aside, constantly nerve wrecking and I did not feel any remorse over slaughtering my night’s sleep… Damn good. A bottled message full of nightmare. Enjoy.”

***** – Jyllands-Posten
“Jussi Adler-Olsens stories about department Q are some of the best Danish crime novels these years.”

***** – Jydske Vestkysten
“One can both warn against and recommend the crime novel. Warn, because it is impossible to put down once you start and recommend, because it is immensely exciting. You sit back with bated breath and cheer on department Q who does what it can to pin down the kidnapper. The plot works, the tension works, the characters work – and I hold my breath and hope for yet another book in the series.”

***** – Berlingske Tidende

♥♥♥♥ – Politiken
“Thought-provoking and teeth-grinding thriller… With the third book in the series about department Q in general and Carl Mørck and his assistant Assad in particular, Jussi Adler-Olsen confirms his position as one of the country’s best crime novelists.”