A remarkably varied life

Political studies, an education in film science and a childhood as the son of a chief psychiatrist has given Jussi Adler-Olsen his insight in to writing about topics as diverse as deep insanity, destinies brought down by society, and international conspiracies. He began his career as author by writing the international stand-alones The Alphabet House/Alfabethuset, And she thanked the gods/Og hun takkede guderne (prev. The Company Basher/Firmaknuseren) and The Washington Decree/Washington Dekretet. After these he turned his plot of the novels towards Denmark and his novels on Department Q series established his name entirely in Denmark and internationally.


2021: Natrium Chlorid ninth volume in the Department Q series published

2019: Victim 2117 eighth volume in the Department Q series published

2017: Honorary Craftsman 2017 – appointed by the Danish Craftsman Association

2016: Selfies – seventh volume in the Department Q series published

2014: The Hanging Girl – sixth volume in the Department Q series published

2012: The Marco Effect/Buried – the fifth volume in the Department Q series published

2010: The Purity of Vengeance/Guilt – the fourth volume in the Department Q series published

2009: A Conspiracy of Faith/Redemption – the third volume in the Department Q series published

2008: The Absent One/Disgrace – the second volume in the Department Q series published

2007: The Keeper of Lost Causes/Mercy – the first volume in the Department Q series published

2006: The thriller The Washington Decree published

2004-2007: Chairman of DK Technologies A / S – one of the largest manufacturers of advanced measuring equipment of audio and video to the TV and film industry

2003-2006: Chairman and shareholder of Solarstocc AG, manufacturer of large PV systems, Kempten, Germany

2003: The thriller And she thanked the gods released titled The Company Basher

1997: Debut novel The Alphabet House published

1995: Author and playwright

1993-1995: Publishing director and driving force in the Bonnier-owned magazine project TV Guide

1990-1993: Managing director of Semic Inter Press A / S. managing editor of a daily magazine

1990: Son Kes born

1988-1989: Publishes Fred på tryk – the only broad-spectered bibliography of literature regaring Danish peace and security politics

1987-1989: Freelance editor of Press Illustrations agency with various tasks including a series on the Beatles and feature series called The Family Doctor

1985-1986: Providing an urban renewal project Flydende grænser on the use of the port of Copenhagen in collaboration with inventor John Reipur and artist and architect Ole Pihl with energy-efficient, portable, liquid steel houses

1980-1985: Conceives the idea to edit and co-authoring the Danish cartoon lexikon – Den store Komiklex

1984-1985: Author and publisher of Groucho & Co’s groveste and Groucho – A Marx Brothers bag facaden

1983-1984: Composes music for the cartoon Valhalla with Bent Hessel Mann and Ron Goodwin

1981-1983: Organizer of the coordination group in the Danish Peace Movement

1980: Editor and journalist in yearbook for girls – released under the pseudonym

1978-1989: Editor and proofreader of magazines and comics. Also works as a translator – one of the titles were Chants & Hoggs’ Nuclear War

1978-1980: Scriptwriter for Walter Lantz and Disney-stories in Denmark and the Netherlands

1976: Film operator while studying film

1972-1982: Student worker in antique bookshop specializing in comics. Importer of movies, comics, literature and posters

1971-197: Printer at Gutenberghus in university holidays

1970-1978: University studies in medicine, social studies and film. Exam in Recent political history and exam. art. in Film studies

1970-1978: Director of Danergon ltd. (publishing rights)

1970: Graduated from Rødovre State School, Denmark

1970: Met wife-to-be Hanne

1969-1970: Medical Scientific employee at the Nordic Conversation Lexicon

Schooldays: Eager scout as young and and later on lead guitar in the pop bands Milkshake Buffer Band, Dirty Drummer Trousers and The Study Group

1956: Royal letter stating the right to use the name Jussi

1950: August 2nd – born in Copenhagen