February 24th 2017

Have you read ‘Washington Decree’ by Jussi Adler-Olsen?

Otherwise, you have an independent and mind-blowing thriller to look forward to.

In the novel, we meet a president elect who turns out to be to be psychologically challenged to say the least. He has a hidden agenda that will overthrow everything the United States has so far represented.

“He is politically schooled and knows what power is given him in the hands of this position,” Jussi explains. “By using decrees he leads the country firmly against a state of emergency, which in turn opens up new decrees, that enable him to reign supremely and completely bypass the normal democratic rules and that are far beyond congressional reach.”

Jussi continues: “I wrote the book in 2003-2006, based on my knowledge of the more than 15,000 decrees which – at all times – ensure that the US president hold the most dangerous office ever created. Several American so-called experts said back then time that such a situation would never arise, but their knowledge of the decrees great extent was also very limited. ”

Today, ten years after, it seems this doomsday prophecy might come true with a president who defies all advisory bodies and trained political minds.

Read the book and follow the young female trainee in the White House, Doggie Rogers’, on her rather too frightening and lonely battle against the disaster’s ultimate extent.

Read more about the title here: https://jussiadlerolsen.com/product/the_washington-decree/