The wealthy, cynical businessman Peter de Boer is head of a firm in Holland that specializes in bringing down major corporations. He hires the exotic Nicky Landsaat as a marketing-trainee with his company and soon he profits from the ambitious woman. Trouble starts when the Iraqi intelligence service wants him to bring down a great Western corporation. Initially he refuses, but he relents after a number of threats against him to have his shady past revealed. Suddenly, Peter de Boer and Nicky Landsaat find themselves at the centre of a terribly dangerous, international conspiracy in which money , international politics, crime and terrorism form a practically inextricable tangle.


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Flensborg newspaper (DK)
Horror writer of international calibre

Politiken (DK)
The style of Jussi Adler-Olsen is still that of an international bestseller (…) Here is indeed everything in terms of action and intrigue, speed and pace.
Adler-Olsen proves to be an excellent observer with indepth knowledge of the Dutch society (… ) A remarkable and highly relevant thriller.

het parool (NL)
The power of Adler-Olsen is that he knows how to put down a full story (..) he paces you through the pages.’

nrc handelsblad (NL)
‘The Danish thriller writer has conquered Stieg Larsson’ –
”Bloody good and tremendously entertaining!”