The fifth novel of Jussi’s world-famous crime series about Department Q is considered one of his most exciting and successful novels with a cunning and well-thought-out plot about human greed and cold cynical corruption. The film version has been underway for quite some time due to the Covid 19-situation but will now open in Denmark this May.

It takes place in a Copenhagen environment, where hitmen, fraud and lust for money reveal itself when the unorthodox deputy crime commissioner Carl Mørck begins to dig into a closed criminal case. The police catches a young foreign boy on a train with a passport belonging to a missing Danish pedophile man in his pocket. How did it end up there? The boy refuses to speak despite Mørck’s untraditional and brusque interrogation methods. But soon a series of heinous crimes begins to happen. And surprisingly, the tracks lead to the top of the political elite at Christiansborg and deep into the Danish, crisis-stricken financial world.

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