These days it has been10 years since the first book in the series about Department Q was published. We have asked Jussi what has happened to the Q series in the last ten years?

“First of all, there are now seven “chapters” in the series, I am pleased with that. And it has been sold for release in more than 40 languages. It has changed my life in many ways, not least I have met a vast number of people, both within the publishing business, but also with many readers. I meet them when I am at book fairs; when I go for readings; when I host signings, but quite a few also writes me – it’s great to be read and to find that my novels and especially my main characters can touch so many people.”

Did you realize when you started out that it would take more than ten years to write the entire work?

“You are always optimistic. I was hoping to be able to write one novel a year, but you can not do PR work and write at the same time – and so I have to admit it took a while to write.”

Is it nostalgic for you today to look back on how your world and everyday life looked like ten years ago?

“I have always been nostalgic; the feeling can creep up on me even if it has only been a week. But, basically, I have not changed much so, even though the possibilities have grown, I do not find that the changes have been so huge.”

Had you ever imagined that your novels would have this much success?

“I have always had a wild imagination, and if I’m to be honest, I dreamed that it could be big. But, in real terms, I never imagined that it could be as huge as it is.”

What do you hope for Department Q in the next ten years?

“It would be great if Department Q still has an audience in ten years. This might depend somewhat on how the Danish film and the American series will be presented. I am optimistic on Carl Mørck’s behalf.”